Energy being the main factor for stability and development of the world economy the world we live in constantly faces the necessity for solution of energy problems and challenges to revolutionize the ways that energy is supplied and used. VisionRI works for its clients to help them understand and meet the challenges, develop a strategic response, and to effectively manage the energy resources.

Energy is sector is one of the fastest growing businesses of VisionRI. Our strongest sector experience is in Electricity including Renewable Energy, Petroleum & Gas and Climate Change. We help our clients with the vision of maintaining a competitive edge and achieve positive outputs, impacts and outcomes from the investments, as well as successfully implement and monitor projects. We have extensive knowledge of the different types of energy sources such as coal, gas and renewable energy, as well as the different parts of the supply chain, namely, generation, transmission and distribution. We offer consulting services such as:

  • Industry structure, market design, regulatory and restructuring advisory services
  • Market research, forecasting and modelling, economic impact analysis
  • Energy sector investment planning, policy analysis and preparation of sector development plans
  • Private investment, management expertise and implementation facilitation to develop the energy sector
  • Energy sector specific communication strategies and campaigns
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

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