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Our Products

The aim is to provide a structured approach to roads maintenance and development to enable authorities to operate, maintain and restore their 'Road Assets' to meet key performance requirements. This valuable asset, ideally needs to be monitored and managed, and therefore requires asset management systems which are GIS based, to properly manage the asset information. When these are integrated to a common base, we have an integrated road asset management system.

  • Establish a complete inventory of all road network with all its elements.
  • Current condition/performance and value estimation of the assets.
  • Predict future demand of traffic and estimate maintenance needs & costs.
  • Prioritise objectives related to the desired quality and performance of the road network.
  • Set up funding scenarios for the regular and timely maintenance and upgrade of the road asset.
  • Define and Implement the RAM Plan.

VYAPAD provides effective method for managing, gathering and processing of road accident data information which can be analysed using different queries run upon various data sets. It uses various tools for identifying the root causes of crashes and gives appropriate statistical reports assisting in designing the interventions to reduce road injuries.

  • Easy to customize and multiple device support available as web based and mobile based solutions.
  • Fully secure and real time GIS based updates of accidents and other information.
  • Role or department based permissions and functionalities.
  • Easily scalable to allow future migration and expansion.
  • Cluster analysis provides density and severity of accidents in selected areas which helps to figure out black spots.
  • Report generation module provides a visual comparison of the severity of accidents on selected sites.
  • Safety report with remedial measures to reduce accidents.

VYOMA is a GIS based web application for water Asset Management System of any size and type to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Customer integration module and manage finance system of asset under finance system.
  • Planning the capital budget of assets.
  • Geolocation of asset using GIS mapping.
  • Registration, condition , risk assessment reports and failure prediction of assets inventory.
  • Full flashed maintenance system.
  • Easy integration with SCADA system.
  • Reporting charts for monitoring asset and admin dashboard based on Role.

IDEA - M&E is web-based project monitoring and evaluation tool that provides a feature rich platform incorporating portfolios, logframe design and indicators, team integration, activities/tasks tracking, custom and smart notifications, custom forms builder, analytical and reporting module as well as an android base application with GIS enabled platform for participatory monitoring.

  • Project / Department / Workspace Portfolio, Logframe design & indicators.
  • Task and Role management.
  • Custom Form Builder, workflow, smart notifications and activity logs.
  • IDEA - Android based GIS enabled participatory monitoring application.
  • Analytics & Reports.

IDEA – KM – an online knowledge management system for acquiring, organizing, sustaining, applying, sharing and renewing both the tacit and explicit knowledge of employees to enhance organizational performance and create value. Features include file storage, analytic services and task management system embedded with calendar view.

  • Sharing of file and folder to the public or specific users.
  • IDEA - KM allow read write and read permission applicable for all files type and folder.
  • File tagging system for intelligent search.
  • Quick access from any devices across the world.
  • Task and event management an integral part of IDEA - KM.
  • Email and SMS integration for all users notifications.

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