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Cities work as engines of economic growth worldwide. They are centres of excellence for education, health care, culture, technological innovation, entrepreneurship, social services, government administration, and communications with the world. They create opportunities for jobs, employment and livelihood. They are as well focal points for rural hinterlands to alleviate rural poverty.

COVID 19 pandemic is to provide a new paradigm for urban sustainability. In addition to air pollution, water management, natural calamities; the need will be to chalk out innovative and sustainable designs to mitigate such epidemics in the future.

VisionRI provides a comprehensive set of urban development and planning service covering all areas of the planning system and all stages of the development process. We devise strategies to deliver complex solutions for urban regeneration, masterplans and development frameworks. We work with Governments, parastatal agencies and developmental institutions, leveraging our cross-sectoral expertise, insights and learnings to craft sustainable urban development strategies and guide appropriate decision making at all stages. Our key service offerings include:

  • Urban planning and management
  • Planning for smart urban infrastructure
  • GIS and spatial planning
  • Urban regulatory, policy and institutional reforms
  • Analysis, planning and designing of water supply and sanitation infrastructure
  • Thematic work on local economic development, urban livelihoods, basic services for urban poor (BSUP), affordable housing, community based planning, slum re-development and planning
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

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