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TA 7325-INO: Java-Bali 500kV Power Transmission Crossing, Indonesia

Java-Bali 500kV Power Transmission Crossing
2011 Power Transmission Indonesia Energy

The Scope

The objective of the technical assistance was to confirm the optimum interconnection route and design of the power interconnection. This included in terms of engineering work confirmation of the technical design of:

(i) the 500/275kV substations,

(ii) the overhead transmission lines (HVAC) route and technical specifications on both Java and Bali islands, and

(iii) the straight crossing by overhead line or the submarine cable. Further, the scope of work included preparation of

       (a) cost estimates of the proposed project,

       (b) time schedule for implementation,

       (c) procurement plan taking into account the procurement requirements of the different co-financiers of the project, and 

       (d) the economic and financial justification of the project, The work related with socio-environmental safeguard assessment included undertook social surveys including the elaboration of a land acquisition and resettlement plan as well as the elaboration of an indigenous development plan and environmental impact assessment (ElA) or an initial environmental examination (lEE) and its summary. 

Our Role

An experienced multidisciplinary team was deployed by us to carry out the services. The activities performed by us included: 

  • Determination of the preliminary routing of the line and environmental and social findings;
  • Review the feasibility studies carried out for the entire project and carry out the least cost analysis of supplying electricity in Bali;
  • Preliminary technical design, cost estimates and implementation schedule;
  • Environmental and social safeguard assessments;
  • Final conceptual design of the project, detailed cost estimates and implementation schedule;
  • Assessment of the financial and economic benefits of the project and undertook the economic and financial analyses;
  • Financial management assessment of PT PLN;
  • Review of the Government tariff strategy and propose a plan for progressively removing the PSO; and
  • Prepare the technical specifications and draft bidding documents.