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VITHI - The aim is to provide a structured approach to roads maintenance and development to enable authorities to operate, maintain and restore their ‘Road assets' to meet key performance requirements.

This valuable asset, ideally needs to be monitored and managed, and therefore requires asset management systems which are GIS based, to properly manage the asset information. When these are integrated to a common base, we have an integrated road asset management system.

  • Establish a complete inventory of all road network with all its elements
  • Provide a clear picture of the current condition/performance of the road network
  • Estimate the value of the asset
  • Predict future demand of traffic and service needs
  • Estimate maintenance needs and costs
  • Prioritise objectives related to the desired quality and performance of the road network
  • Set up funding scenarios for the regular and timely maintenance and upgrade of the road asset
  • Define a strategy (RAM Plan)
  • Implement the RAM Plan

Data Collection

  • Inventory
  • Condition
  • Costs
  • Traffic
  • Users
  • Real Time Data Eg. GPS data

Data Storage

  • Relational Database
  • Big Data
  • GIS referencing Data

Data Management

  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Data Aggregrations
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Analytics
  • Various Filters & Sub Filters
  • Extract data to excel and other formats

Data Analysis

  • Hadoop
  • Big Data
  • Elastic Search
  • HDM-4 Interfacing


  • Long term and short term plan
  • Statistics
  • Statistics using google and d3 charts
  • Downloadable Report in different formats

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