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TA 4814-IND: Project Processing and Capacity Development - Madhya Pradesh Transmission Strengthening Component

TA 4814-IND
2007 Madhya Pradesh Energy Transmission Strengthening Component

The Scope

The project aimed to : 

  1. improve quality and reliability of power
  2. remove transmission bottlenecks
  3. facilitate in-state and interregional power transfers
  4. facilitate a reduction in overall system losses
  5. improve energy efficiency, expand renewable energy capacity, and capitalize related carbon market opportunities
  6. improve utility operational and financial performance.  

 Our Role

An experienced multidisciplinary team was deployed by us to carry out the services. The activities performed by us included:  

  • Assessment of environmental impacts associated with projects which included generation, transmission and distribution components;
  • Poverty impact assessment for the project as per relevant guidelines on poverty and social analysis;
  • Assessment of rehabilitation/resettlement impacts and impact on indigenous people including preparation of RPs, IPDP etc. as per government and ADB’s requirements;
  • Financial analysis for the investment and Financial management review of the executing agencies as per ADB’s requirements; and
  • Assessment of institutional strengthening needs and training to executing agencies in project implementation including environmental and social safeguard planning.