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TA 4662-AFG: Small to Medium-Sized Hydropower Development Project in Afghanistan

Small to Medium-Sized Hydropower Development Project
2007 Hydropower Natural Resource Afghanistan ADB

About the Technical Assistance

The scope of technical assistance included project preparation support to Government of Afghanistan in the hydropower development, transmission and distribution. The scope of ADB TA work has three main components:

        (i) preparation of a sector analysis;

        (ii) prioritization of sub projects, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of selected sub projects;

       (iii) diagnostic assessment and development of an institutional strengthening plan for Ministry of Energy & Water, and other relevant agencies. Each sub-project comprises hydropower development, transmission and distribution, including connection from pole to consumer’s property and meter but excluding house wiring. The project studies comprised a ranking study of all available sites, followed by pre-feasibility studies of seven sub-projects and feasibility studies of five sub-projects.

Our Role

Our Team including Financial Analyst and Social Development & Rehabilitation-Resettlement Expert worked on the Technical Assistance. Our team contributed in the poverty impact assessment for the investment as per ADB’s Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis; assessment of rehabilitation/resettlement impacts and impact on indigenous people including preparation of RPs, IPDP etc. as per ADB’s requirements; and financial analysis for the investment and financial management review of the executing agencies as per ADB’s requirements.