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TA 4607 - IND: Uttaranchal State Roads Improvement Program

TA 4607 - IND
2008 Roads Improvement Program Transport

The Scope

The objective of TA was to assist the Public Works Department of Uttaranchal (PWD) to prepare :

  1. a master plan to develop and maintain a well connected network of roads comprised of national highways, state roads, district roads, and village roads
  2. a detailed investment plan to improve critical network links identified by the PWD with possible financing from ADB to increase the efficiency of inter and intra-state freight and passenger transport
  3. a plan to enhance the capacity of the PWD to sustain a high quality road network. 

The main outputs of the project were:

  1. a detailed review of the operational and financial capacity of the PWD to manage the state road assets to enable the state to meet its economic and social development targets
  2. a time-bound action plan to strengthen the PWD's capacity to provide the desired level of mobility and accessibility
  3. a program of intensive training in contracting, project management and long term asset management designed and delivered to PWD staff
  4. a complete review of the state road network, its strengths, weaknesses
  5. an investment plan based on the network improvement program prepared by the PWD to provide mobility and accessibility at a level needed to sustain economic growth.

Our Role

The services provided by us included a comprehensive review of the road development master plan and investment program prepared by the PWD, a comprehensive review of the first set of projects in Stage I of the master plan, which was fully prepared by the PWDs consultants for possible financing by ADB, provided comments to ADB and the PWD on the feasibility (economic, social and environmental) of the first set of projects in Stage I of the master plan, assisted the PWD to finalized the master plan, investment plan, and the prepared projects, prepared a plan for developing the capacity of the Public Works Department (PWD) to effectively manage road assets and increase productivity, and provided training to PWD staff on procurement and project management.