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Consulting Services for Communication Strategy and Campaign on Gas & Energy Pricing and Reforms Study (Power Sector Development TA Project – IDA Grant # H092 BD) in Bangladesh

Power Sector Development TA Project – IDA Grant # H092 BD
2009 Bangladesh Petrobangla World Bank IDA Energy

The Scope

Petrobangla wish to secure the support of consumers and the public at large on implementing a rational gas and overall energy pricing framework and reforms. The principal objective of the assignment was to provide the advisory services on communication and related management capacity of EMR Division of the MPEMR and Petrobangla Group to achieve the desired aim. The consultant was required to assist in developing a communication strategy for the gas sub-sector and the energy sector in large, including the imported petroleum at world prices and electricity prices, focusing on a comparative energy prices with similar countries in the sub-region.  

Our Role

A multidisciplinary team including Energy Economists and Communication Specialists was deployed by us to carry out the advisory services. The activities performed by us included:

  • Analyze the gas sub sector encompassing:
  • Its role in the economy, assessment of stakeholders and their perceptions in terms of rational gas pricing including LPG/bottled gas, operating environment, low indoor pollution, and clean burning qualities; and
  • Consumer’s ability and willingness to pay for gas and alternate fuels.
  • Assessed and reviewed the current communication framework and practices.
  • Conceptualized and designed communication strategy suitable to the current economic and social environment in the country by:

               - Reviewing the best practices relevant to Bangladesh environment;

               - Identifying the suitability of implementing the communication strategy;

               - Aligning it with the economic and political interest of the country; and

               - Selecting appropriate instruments.

  • Detailed out an implementation program and agenda as well as preparing a TOR to implement the communication plan.
  • Assisted the Petrobangla to hire a suitable communication/media firm to implement the program.