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Monitoring and Evaluation of Impacts of the Mano River Union Rehabilitation of Bo - Bandajuma Road Project funded by the African Development Bank

Monitoring and Evaluation of Impacts of the Mano River Union Rehabilitation of Bo - Bandajuma Road Project
2017 Monitoring and Evaluation Transport Mano River Bo - Bandajuma Union Rehabilitation African Development Bank

About the Project: The Government of Sierra Leone with the assistance from the African Development Bank is rehabilitating 46 Km section of Bo - Bandajuma road that lies in the Southern region of Sierra Leone and forms a major link on the Trans-West African Highway that connects Dakar to Lagos. The project provides efficient nation-wide transport access to the southern districts of Bo and Pujehun and regionally to the Mano River Union member states as a whole.  The objective of the assignment is three dimensional - first, establishing the baseline situation for the major impact indicators of the project; second, interim/ intermediate assessments (follow-on studies) and third, undertaking an impact assessment at the end of the project. Corresponding to the objective of assignment, the services will be carried out in three phases – Phase 1: Baseline Study; Phase 2: Interim/Intermediate Studies; and Phase 3: End of Project Impact Assessment.   

Our Role: VisionRI is engaged by the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) for the monitoring and evaluation of impacts of Bo - Bandajuma road. The activities perform by us include conducting household socio-economic survey including employment status, wealth and assets, land use, education, healthcare practices, migration and settlement practice, and other socio-economic indicators; development of baseline indicators for assessing the impacts; GIS Mapping of baseline survey and assessment survey outcomes; periodic assessment of the outcome indicators for each project development objective as per the restructured project document; provision of necessary justifications and guides for M&E activities as well as coaching and training of M&E responsible personnel in the SLRA and local/primary stakeholders organizations; and playing a catalyst role for implementation of the M&E system including planning, recommending adjustments and reporting. 

We are using our in-house developed software, IDEA – M&E accessible on android based tablets and cloud base database. IDEA - M&E is web-based project monitoring and evaluation tool that provides a feature-rich platform incorporating portfolios, log frame design and indicators, team integration, activities/tasks tracking, custom and smart notifications, custom forms builder, analytical and reporting module, as well as an android based application with GIS, enabled platform for participatory monitoring.