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GIS Mapping of Various Geographical Entities in Haryana

GIS Mapping of Various Geographical Entities
2017 GIS Mapping Geographical Entities Haryana Digital Development India PWD Rural Development

About the Project:

As per requirements of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, Haryana Rural Road Development Agency want to plot all roads, habitations and several other features on the GIS platform. The plotting of these features on GIS would help in better planning and control of various road assets of the State. Objectives of the assignment were: (i) To have various geographical entities of Haryana in shape file format (.shp). These different files than integrated with OMMS web application maintained by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. (ii) To finalize the block wise road length accurately. (iii) Create new block wise Id’s of all the roads such that each road Id represents the block in which the road exists. The road Id is given in such a way that it consists of length up to single point of intersection or bend. (iv) In all for roads three types of demarcation is done: (a) as per requirements of PMGSY, (b) as per old existing Road Id’s of PWD and (c) as per new Road id’s as mentioned in point.  

Our Role:

VisionRI was engaged by the Public Works Department (PWD) to digitize the road networks. Our team of GIS planners started to work on the creation and field verification of 22 GIS layers including (i) Habitation, (ii) District boundary, (iii) Block boundary, (iv) MP constituency boundary, (v) MLA constituency boundary, (vi) PWD division boundary, (vii) PWD circle boundary, (viii) International boundary, (ix) Forest boundary, (x) DRRP roads, (xi) Core network roads, (xii) Package of road, (xiii) Bridges, (xiv) Level crossings, (xv) Waste material sites, (xvi) Construction material sites, (xvii) Market center, (xviii) Administrative HQ, (xix) Water body, (xx) Tourist places, (xxi) Drainage, and (xxii) Railway.

We assigned each layer with layer name and other data fields as per SRS requirements of CDAC as well as the guidelines of PMGSY. Later on, as part of additional scope of work, we have digitized and verified the marketing board road network in all over the state.