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ADB RSC-C71426: Bihar State Roads Preparation

ADB RSC-C71426
2008 Bihar State Roads Preparation Transport

The Scope

The purpose of the technical assistance (TA) was to assist Government of Bihar in appraising state roads for the ADB's follow-on investment. The TA was carried out for due diligence on detailed project reports (DPRs) in line with GOB and ADB's policies and guidelines, especially in respect of economic assessment, social assessment including indigenous people, and resettlement and environmental safeguards. The study covered about 1,500 km of state road network covering state highways and major district roads.

Our Role

The services provided by us under the assignment included environmental and social safeguard planning for the project. Our scope of work included:

  • Review the environmental classification of road projects and prepare the summary matrix for environmental classification
  • Review all the IEE/EIA report for the EMP and prepare completing the EMP where it’s needed
  • Assess the EA capacity in addressing environmental concerns related with the Project and prepare proposed environmental assessment review framework
  • Provide guidance to RCD on procedural requirements and required activities for each stage of the project preparation
  • Build capacity in project preparatory works
  • Prepare indigenous people development framework and plan
  • Prepare specific actions to address IP issues incorporated in Resettlement Plan
  • Prepare reports on IPSA included mitigation plans to address social issues
  • Provide guidance and conduct training workshops
  • Assess institutional strengthening needs and provide training to executing agencies in project implementation included environmental and social safeguard planning.