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Rapid Assessment of Environmental, Social, Financial and Operational Sustainability of (a) Markets, (b) Abattoirs and (c) Landfills Created under ULGDP I & ULGDP II in 6 Regions and 15 Cities

Shortlisted to bid for this World Bank funded assignment in Ethiopia
29 Mar 2019 00:00:00 Ethiopia World Bank Environmental Social Financial and Operational Sustainability UIIDP

The objective of the assignment is to undertake a rapid assessment of the environmental., social, financial and operational sustainability of markets, abattoirs and landfills created under the ULGDP-I and ULGDP-II and also prepare a Guideline with formats and system that can be readily and easily used by the 117 cities participating in the UIIDP in carrying out evaluation of the feasibility & sustainability of such projects and preparing the feasibility reports.