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Digitization of Historical and Current Data for Development of Agro-meteorological Databases and Land Holding Crops/ Cropping Systems Cultivated by Farmers for the 487 Upazilas

Shortlisted to bid for this World Bank funded assignment in Bangladesh
24 Dec 2018 00:00:00 Agro-meteorological World Bank Land Holding Crops/ Cropping Upazilas Bangladesh

The primary objective of the assignment is to;

  • Collect Agro-meteorological historical and current data from 487 Upzilas of the agriculture office;
  • Collect land data and land holding, land type, crops/cropping system, and average crop yields in 487 Upzilas;
  • Digitization of Agro-meteorological historical data, collected from Upzilas and archive collected data on BAMIS portal at DAE head quarter to generate information and products to use by the farming communities and other.