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GRANT 49455-002 TON: Integrated Urban Resilience Sector Project - IURSP-CS-01 Project Implementation Assistance Consultants

Ministry of Lands, Survey, Natural Resources & Environment/ADB
05 Aug 2019 00:00:00 Tonga Ministry of Lands Survey Natural Resources & Environment ADB

The objective of the current consulting assignment is to provide targeted project support to the IA (MLNR), the PMU, the LTA, NSPAO, TWB, and WAL in the delivery of the following components of this project:

  • Output 1: Effective flood risk management infrastructure implemented.
  • Output 2: Water supply service in Nuku’alofa improved Disaster resilience strengthened.
  • Output 3: Public and environmental health enhance.
  • Output 4: Urban resilience strengthened.