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Vietnam Managing Natural Hazards Project (VN-HAZ/WB5): Numerical Weather Prediction Model Training

Shortlisted to bid for this World Bank funded assignment in Vietnam
24 Jan 2018 00:00:00 VN-HAZ/WB5 Vietnam Managing Natural Hazards Numerical Weather Prediction Vietnam The World Bank

The objectives of the assignment are:

  • To strengthen basic knowledge of NHMS researchers/forecasters in NWPs and to train the application of using NWP’s output results on daily forecasting works by providing the technical training on the use of NWPs output at central/national, regional and provincial centers.
  • To develop qualified researchers/forecasters with priority given to data assimilation, ensemble forecasting, and tropical cyclone forecast by using an NWP. The consultancy will support trainees to be able to configure the models being used by the NHMS, establish the data assimilation system for the model (s), effectively through Pre-course training in Hanoi, Vietnam and specialized training on NWP in abroad.