ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified Organization


International Security Advisor

• Office administration including office management, logistic and security arrangements, coordination with client, reporting to head office on a daily basis, site/project financial management, procurement management and event management.
• Provide on a daily/weekly/monthly basis timesheets/progress reports and such other information at any time and from time to time as may be required by HQ and in the form and manner required by HQ and to notify HQ immediately of any significant occurrence impacting the project.
• Prepare a comprehensive Security Plan for all the project sites in Afghanistan where the project staff is deputed.
• Establish and maintain contact with the Embassy of India in Afghanistan, Client, ADB, UN Agencies and other security agencies where and when appropriate.
• Overall surveillance, intelligence, and information gathering from relevant agencies and pass these to the team on the areal-time basis.
• Managing the security of International Experts and lead the National Security Advisory and the Security Guards on a day to day duties/tasks.
• Join the team for day to day movements and guide them on every movement as per the security alerts by the relevant agencies.
• Detection and mitigating all possible security concerns, threat perception/identification, providing a real-time actionable solution to the team working in Afghanistan.
• Lead and plan the evacuation process in case of any contingent event.

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